Confidential Assets

Unlike other blockchain privacy platforms where only the transaction amount is hidden but not the asset type, Kepler is capable of hiding both. Confidential Assets is an entirely new way of conducting private transactions as now not only will the amounts be hidden but the asset type will be invisible as well. Researchers at Blockstream proposed analysing a technology called Confidential Assets back in 2017 which would be able to hide both amount and asset types.

Confidential Assets can be split into two different categories:

Native Blockchain Confidential Assets (native CA)

This is the first CA feature that will go live in Kepler in an upcoming release. Blockstream first debuted this feature in the Elements Blockchain platform in 2017 by Blockstream, this solution was based on Bitcoin and although the amount and asset types are hidden by blockchain viewers, the addresses of senders and receivers can still be seen by others. Kepler's CA feature will completely hide: Amount, asset types and of course, there's no addresses involved!

Smart Contracts Confidential Assets (contract CA)

contract CA, also known as Confidential Smart Contracts are being developed for Kepler, these will incorporate Confidential Assets capabilities into Smart Contracts. One of the first use cases for this will be Confidential Assets Stablecoins.