Confidential Transactions

Kepler is natively capable of executing Confidential Transactions. This concept isn't really new as there are other platforms who have been executing Confidential Transactions for years.

However, MimbleWimble technology took Confidential transactions to another level Kepler Privacy Platform Kepler is the first implementation of the MimbleWimble-based Confidential Assets project.

Kepler is a blockchain platform capable of scalability, fungibility, privacy and security. No restrictions, no censorship, no middlemen. Kepler inherits Grin's amazing MimbleWimble technology and takes it a step further with the implementation of Confidential Assets (CA) POW Mining Kepler is and will be produced only through mining, no ICO, no staking. Only Proof of Work production

Here are some of the amazing native features in this technology

  • No addresses
  • Transactions are sent in exported files which need to be confirmed (finalized) by the receiving party
  • Transactions can be sent via HTTPS
  • Transaction IDs will show on the block explorer but there is no connection for either one of the parties, TX id are only useful for both parties involved.