Le's Mine Kepler

Kepler is a Proof-of-Work Blockchain focused on confidential assets and private transactions. Savvy Blockchain enthusiasts typically try to mine a project before they have released major components, because the difficulty is low and they don’t have to compete with as many people. In this guide, we’ll cover how to mine Kepler even if you do not own a powerful graphics card or ASIC.

Mining Kepler is quite similar to mining other POW cryptocurrencies, you need a Miner and a Pool (technically you can also solo-mine which can make sense if you have enough hashrate to do it)

There are multiple ways to obtain Kepler coins, but first you will need a wallet to store them:

Wallets For Kepler

Kepler Desktop Wallet

[Kepler Desktop Wallet This is a very popular 3rd party desktop wallet for Kepler, it's been created by community member 'Xiaojay' Currently…docs.kepler.network](https://docs.kepler.network/kepler-desktop-wallet "https://docs.kepler.network/kepler-desktop-wallet")

This is available for Mac or Windows users, and there’s a build guide if you want to build from source.

Kepler CLI (Command Line) Wallet


Kepler POW Algorithm

Kepler uses the C31 algorithm (Cuckaroo31), this is currently a GPU-only algorithm which requires 8gb+ of GPU RAM. Nvidia and AMD are supported. It’s possible to mine with your own graphics card or rent hash here. For renting hash, you can go to either Nicehash or MiningRigRentals:

You can rent hash from

Mining Rig Rentals | Cuckatoo 31 (Grin) Mining Rigs

NiceHash - Leading Cryptocurrency Platform for Mining and Trading

Mine Kepler with your GPU













Where to mine?

This is the Official Kepler Mining pool. Community Pools are welcome to join!


Other ways to get KMW

  • Mine the Cuckaroo31 algorithm with a graphics card or CPU

  • Rent Hashrate

  • Participate in a Bounty Program

  • Purchase Coins on Exchanges: https://www.catex.io/trading/KMW/BTC https://p2pb2b.io/trade/KMW_BTC